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The Full Story

Two best friends with a vision.


Ever peeled off a wet pair of jodhpurs or jeans after a long, wet dog walk or horse ride? We can help!

Ever come home with muddy or hairy leggings after spending time with your furry friends? We can help!

Ever been unfortunate enough to land in a water jump? We can help!


Bagnall & Shaw Equestrian was founded by two young professionals to bring you high-quality equestrian and country clothing at affordable prices. Our range is designed to keep you comfortable, stylish, warm and dry.


We have designed our products from scratch, spent time sourcing the best fabric and supported local companies in designing and manufacturing our products. All of our clothes are made not only in Britain, but right here in Yorkshire where our ideas began.


The environment and welfare mean a lot to us. That’s why we have worked so hard to ensure that our waste and carbon footprint is kept to a minimum, that our fabrics are all ethically sourced and we use our local factory to manufacture our products. By buying from us you are directly supporting the British textile and manufacturing industries.


Thank you for reading and for supporting us!




Millie and Maeve


The good bits

The good bits to know so you can feel even better about your purchase:

  • We are a small UK business founded in 2019.

  • All of our clothes are UK designed, made and manufactured, right here in Yorkshire.

  • Our jumpers are made from specially selected organic cotton.

  • Proudly low carbon footprint and ethically sourced.

Oh, and of course you will stay comfortable, warm and dry while looking fantastic!

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